Many years of industry expertise in tourism

Dr. Fried & Partner offers special consulting expertise in all aspects of travel and mobility. We support our clients in the introduction of new IT system solutions, in purchasing, in process management and in other areas of business. We design and accompany important projects of well-known companies in the fields of tour operators and touristic sales, cruise operators and shipping companies, transportation and mobility as well as incoming and events.

Expertise in sales and service

Dr. Fried & Partner has extensive knowledge in sales and service. We support our clients with a holistic consulting approach in the core topics of strategy and implementation concepts, organizational and operational structures, service excellence, IT system solutions, digitalization of the customer journey, change projects, management and controlling, and analytics. Our customers include well-known corporations and medium-sized companies from the most important sectors of the economy.

Think tank for future topics and impulses

With our holistic consulting approach we work goal-oriented towards the long-term success of our clients. The basic prerequisite for this is a future-oriented way of thinking and working. In order to know today what will be needed tomorrow, we regularly prepare and publish studies and white papers, forecasts such as the tourism sales climate index and give future impulses to a broad professional audience in the form of lectures and lectures and networking events. In this way, we act as a think tank for trends and future topics in order to sharpen our own vision and of our

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Veröffentlichungen & Fachbeiträge
The Tourism Sales Climate Index – January 2021

New year, new optimism – already towards the end of 2020, the Tourism Sales Climate Index recorded a slight upward trend. This trend is now continuing at the beginning of 2021. After last year caused immense damage, especially in [...]

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Dr. Fried & Partner donates to the Reiner Meutsch Foundation FLY & HELP

The year 2020 is coming to an end, leaving deep traces but also a rich experience in all our lives. No one expected a pandemic that would bring the whole world to a complete standstill. Measures led to restrictions and isolation but [...]

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Scenaroios 2025 – An outlook into the future of the travel industry

The Corona pandemic has posed major challenges for the tourism industry worldwide. Now the question is: What will happen in the medium term? What does the future of the travel industry look like? Together with members of the Travel [...]

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Alternative courses of action – the recovery planning of German tour operators in the wake of the Corona pandemic – Part II

From the article “opportunities and learning experiences from the Crisis – Part I” – a schematic cycle model could be derived, which is intended to show German tour operators structured action alternatives for [...]

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Digitization of Customer Service in the Travel & Mobility Industry?

What is the current state of the travel & mobility industry in terms of customer service digitization? How did the digitization of customer service develop in the past five years? What are future plans of the companies regarding [...]

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