Strong consulting focus on “Sales and Service”

Dr. Fried & Partner is a management consultancy with a strong focus on “Sales and Service”. We support our customers with a holistic consulting approach covering the core topics of strategy and implementation concepts, set-up and process organisations, service excellence, tailored it system solutions, digitalisation of the customer journey, change projects, management and controlling, and analytics. Our customers include renowned corporations and medium-sized companies from the most important economic sectors.

Many years of industry expertise in the field of Travel and Mobility

Dr. Fried & Partner offers specialist consulting expertise in the field of "Travel and Mobility". In addition to pioneering consulting solutions for sales and service, we also support our customers with the introduction of new IT system solutions, and in purchasing, process management and other business areas. We formulate and support the implementation of important projects for well-known companies in the fields of travel agencies and marketing, cruise operators and shipping lines, transportation and mobility, as well as incoming and events.

Think tank for future-oriented topics and incentives

Our holistic consulting approach allows us to work towards the long-term success of our customers in a targeted manner. The basic prerequisite for this is thinking and working with the future in mind. In order to know today what will be required tomorrow, we regularly prepare and publish studies, white papers, and forecasts such as the Tourism Sales Climate Index (TVKI). We also provide a wide specialist audience with incentives for the future in the form of presentations and networking events. We act as a think tank for trends and future topics in order to sharpen our vision and the one of our customers.

Publications & Expert Contributions
Demographic Change and the resulting Opportunities and Risks for the Travel Industry

As part of the DRV area meeting of pillar E on April 11, 2019 at Dresden Airport, Stephan Haller, managing partner of Dr. Fried & Partner, on demographic change and the resulting opportunities and risks for the travel industry. [...]

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The Dr. Fried & Partner Team visits the Musical Amélie

Since February 2019 Amélie Poulin enchants Munich in form of a musical and takes the audience into their imaginative, bizarre and fabulous world. The team of Dr. med. Fried & Partner attended a performance at Werk 7 located in the [...]

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The Tourism Sales Climate Index – March 2019

The mood in travel sales was rather negative at the beginning of the year but mow optimism is showing up in March. Travel agencies think more positively about the current situation than in the previous month and expectations for the [...]

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Dr. Markus Heller at the ITB Young Professionals Day

At the invitation of Tobias Klöpf, Lead of the Young Travel Industry Club, Dr. Markus Heller, Managing Partner of Dr. Fried & Partner, gave a presentation at the ITB Young Professionals Day on the trends and major topics of the [...]

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The Tourism Sales Climate Index – February 2019

The bumpy start in 2019, which was already apparent in the January Tourist Sales Climate Index, is now continuing in February. Travel agencies are assessing the current situation and the future situation more critically than in the [...]

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Annual Kick-Off Event: Strategy Days in Garmisch – Patenkirchen

In the beginning of February, the team of Dr. Fried & Partner stayed at the Bayernhaus in Garmisch-Partenkirchen for strategy days as a kickoff event for the year. In beautiful winter weather the future orientation and common goals [...]

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Travel Industry Club: Travel Technology Symposium 2019

Travel Technology Symposium 2019 moderated by Consultant Fenja Weberskirch Focusing on the topic “Human is the next big thing – machines become human”, the Travel Industry Club and Accenture organised the seventh [...]

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Tourism Sales Climate Index – January 2019

The year 2018 showed an overall very positive balance in the tourism sales climate index but sales started with a subdued mood in 2019. Nevertheless, a slightly increasing proportion of travel agencies regard the current booking [...]

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“Booking is only the beginning” – Interview with Dr. Markus Heller in touristik aktuell

How much power will online portals have in the future? What will the future bring for commercial agent status? How will cooperation between tour operators and travel agencies change? Dr. Heller, managing partner of Dr. Fried & [...]

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Dr. Fried & Partner donates to FLY & HELP

“As you grow older, you want to discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” – Audrey Hepburn Education is the chance out of poverty The closer Christmas comes, the more [...]

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Structural Changes in the German Travel Market – Part 2: Airline

The changes in the airline market are derived, on the one hand, from the general trend towards more individualized and data-driven sales and, on the other hand, from the separation of rigid production models. Thesis 1: Distribution [...]

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Structural Changes in the German Travel Market – Part 1: Tour Operator

Major structural changes will challenge the tourism industry and its players within the next five years. In the context of the comprehensive market study “Who wins? Who loses? An in-depth analysis of structural changes in the [...]

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General Data Protection Regulation and Package Tours Directive incur additional expense for travel agents and negative customer responses

This is determined by an online survey conducted by the Munich-based consulting firm Dr. Fried & Partner in cooperation with the IT system house CheckIT ETC GmbH via the tourism editor edutainment portal For [...]

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Tourism Sales Climate Index November 2018

The tourism sales climate index also remains above the previous year’s level in November. The reason for this is mainly the positive assessment of the current situation in the distribution of travel services in travel agencies. [...]

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Stephan Haller with a keynote on the “Digitalization of Customer Service” at the TurnFriendly Talk 2018

Digitalization Transforms Customer Service and Encourages Interaction What are the challenges for customer service? What opportunities do we have by acting proactively and professionally? And what are the requirements for companies? [...]

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Tourism Sales Climate Index October 2018

Autumn is slowly catching on in Germany – and with the falling temperatures, the Tourism Sales Climate Index is also falling slightly. Nevertheless, it remains at a high level. After the tourist sales climate index has reached [...]

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Dr. Fried & Partner at the Munich Marathon

“Whoever wants to move the world should first move himself” – Socrates   With this motto, the team of the Munich based consultancy Dr. Fried & Partner started at the 33rd Munich Marathon as a relay. In [...]

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Oktoberfest – “Hau di hera, samma mehra!”

The Dr. Fried & Partner Team at the Oktoberfest Visit 2018. This year’s Oktoberfest was the 185th in history and had a staggering 6.3 million visitors. Including the Munich-based consulting firm Dr. Fried & Partner. [...]

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Dr. Fried & Partner celebrates 50th anniversary!

We have celebrated our 50th company anniversary on September 29, 2018 and we invited people who acompanied Dr. Fried & Partner over the past five decades. Relaxed and cozy, or how you would say in Bavaria: “Boarisch [...]

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Tourism Sales Climate Index September 2018

In September 2018, the Tourism Sales Climate Index is once again showing a positive trend. While expectations for the coming months remain subdued, the evaluation of the current situation increases noticeably. In particular, the [...]

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Who Wins? Who Loses? In-depth Analysis of the Structural Change in the German Travel Market

Far-reaching structural changes will pose major challenges for the German travel market throughout the upcoming years. The whitepaper “Who Wins? Who Loses? In-depth Analysis of the Structural Changes in the German Travel Market.” [...]

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Tourism Sales Climate Index August 2018

The Tourism Sales Climate Index for August 2018 continues to show a declining mood in travel agencies. Both the assessment of the current situation and expectations for the coming months are slightly more negative than in the previous [...]

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Tourism Sales Climate Index July 2018

After the Tourism Sales Climate Index has continued to outperform above average levels in recent months, the curve is slowly returning to “normal” levels. Expectations for the coming months remain positive. In July 2018, a [...]

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Airline Distribution 2022

Airline distribution is set to steadily further evolve in the next three to five ye­ars. The whitepaper “Airline Distribution 2022” depicts the extensive change, the arising impact on the different market players and the need to [...]

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Dr. Fried & Partner at the TIC Networking Event “Higher, faster, further, smarter. All good Things come in… Data! “

Following the invitation of Selligent, on June 11, 2018, around 50 executives and tourism decision-makers met at the Munich cooking school by star chef Andi Schweiger. The networking event hosted by the Travel Industry Club (TIC) [...]

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Tourism Sales Climate Index June 2018

The survey participants are mostly medium-sized travel agencies who were interviewed regarding the sale of leisure travel. Since January 2018, there is no longer a separation between in-store and online sales, these data are cumulated [...]

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Suck me Shakespeer – The Musical

Between schoolyard, sports hall and classroom On 12th of April, the Dr. Fried & Partner team visted the musical “Fack ju Göhte” which will be translated as “Suck me Shakespeer”. The musical plays with a lot [...]

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Commissions and Product Range Policy – Dr. Markus Heller in an Interview with FVW

How can travel agencies confront decreasing commissions? What role does the product range play? And how relevant are own events? – Answers to these questions are provided by our managing partner Dr. Heller in an interview with [...]

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“Digitisation of the Travel Customer Journey” stirs the Travel Business

More than 40 decision makers in the travel and transportation industry accepted the invitation by Dr. Fried & Partner to the Travel & Transportation Summit 2017. This year, the topic “Digitalisation of the Travel [...]

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Travel & Transportation Summit 2017

The idea behind the Travel & Transportation Summit is to provide top industry managers with a platform to get to know each other and exchange views on specific subjects. On 24 November 2017, the topic “Digitalisation of the [...]

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Dr. Markus Heller in an Interview

What tasks do travel agency partnerships and franchise systems have to master in the future in the face of more intense competition? How can central offices withstand the increasing individualisation? These and other questions are [...]

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Digital change and how we deal with it

On 26 January 2017, our managing partner Stephan Haller held a keynote speech about “Digital change and how we deal with it” at the Globus Night 2017. In doing so, Stephan Haller called on travel agencies and tour operators to [...]

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Market and future development of airline distribution

In the context of the Lufthansa Travel Tech Provider Day on 25 January 2017, Dr. Markus Heller spoke about the key drivers of airline distribution (link to the current market study by Dr. Fried & Partner “Airline [...]

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