Suck me Shakespeer – The Musical

Suck me Shakespeer – The Musical



Between schoolyard, sports hall and classroom

On 12th of April, the Dr. Fried & Partner team visted the musical “Fack ju Göhte” which will be translated as “Suck me Shakespeer”. The musical plays with a lot of industrial charm in the “Werk 7” in Munich and displays in a colorful, loud, cheeky but refined spectacle the first story of the successful trilogy. The cast is very charming and authentic, the acting performance excellent. The stage design is clever and functional, with the viewer close to the performers. Thanks to the stage design in the former potato storage, the audience feels as if he has been transported back to his own school days.

The story behind it

The story tells of Zeki Müller, a recently released ex-prisoner in search of his hidden, stolen goods. Only a small thing went wrong. At exactly the place where he hid the money years ago, is now the sports area of Goethe comprehensive school. So he has no other choice but to apply as a temporary teacher to be able to carry out excavation work after teaching. The unmotivated, lazy and rebellious students do not make it easy for him, but Zeki finds a way with drastic and unorthodox measures, but on par, to bring the class 10b back on track. And then there is the overcorrect teacher colleague Ms. Schnabelsted, who dislikes the pedagogical methods of his colleague …. Will Zeki exposed? Money or love? And what shall be done with the students?

Humor and a big dose of coolness

The entire team of Dr. Fried & Partner had a wonderful and enjoyable evening. Everyone laughed tears and was fascinated by the great musical “Sucke me Shakespeer” with amazing acting performance. With humor and a lot of coolness the audience was thrilled and impressed for 2 hours in a colorful world. Simply recommended for young and old!

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