Airline Distribution 2022

Airline Distribution 2022



Airline distribution is set to steadily further evolve in the next three to five ye­ars. The whitepaper “Airline Distribution 2022” depicts the extensive change, the arising impact on the different market players and the need to accommodate with this development. The prime aim has been to identify and highlight, from the differing perspectives of the various mar­ket participants, those factors which are likely to apply or be of importance to the airline distribution segment. Particular attention has been paid to the increasing importance of NDC as a major enabler of expectable market development. The change in airline distribution is presented at the airline, the aggregator and the customer level.

The market evaluation which serves as the foundation of this whitepaper was conducted with 19 industry specialists between November 2017 and April 2018. The discussions with these specialists were conducted based on a se­mi-structured questionnaire consisting largely of open questions. Supplemen­tary secondary analyses were then used to flesh out and interpret the initial discussion results.

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