Dr. Fried & Partner celebrates 50th anniversary!

Dr. Fried & Partner celebrates 50th anniversary!



We have celebrated our 50th company anniversary on September 29, 2018 and we invited people who acompanied Dr. Fried & Partner over the past five decades.

Relaxed and cozy, or how you would say in Bavaria: “Boarisch gmiatlich” it started with a boat trip across the Tegernsee. With Bavarian delicacies, there was a lively exchange between the generations of consultants.
What has changed? What has remained the same? What are the topics at Dr. Fried & Partner currently? People chatted and we all had massively fun.
However, time is flying when you enjoy a great time, so by the time the ship had to drive back and docked at the bridge Kaltenbrunn. After an amazing group photo with the company founder from 1968, Dr. Fried, we had to drink a toast to this unique success story!
After the aperitif and a speech on the terrace with a marvelous view over the Tegernsee and the mountain panorama, the menu, accompanied by selected wines, was served in the parlor of the Gut Kaltenbrunn. Stephan Haller took the guests on a journey through time and showed on the basis of work materials, old project documents and pictures how the market and thus a management consultancy develops over a period of 50 years.
Dr. Markus Heller gave an insight into which directions Dr. Fried & Partner will move further in the future, because a good consultancy never stands still!
Even though we are a management consultancy with the history in the heart of Munich, we are always focused on the future and on new challenges.

What makes Dr. Fried & Partner so special?

Dynamics & Cohesion

We are a handpicked, dynamic team of experts who complement each other not just for their abilities. Moreover, we particularly value the different personalities who enrich the company both professionally and socially in a very individual way. Through community-promoting team activities, we show and strengthen our appreciation in the collegial environment and friendly dealings with each other – an important pillar for a healthy corporate culture. Read more in the blog post for participation in the Munich Marathon 2018

Networks & Drivers

In order to offer our customers comprehensive support, we maintain a close-knit network with various specialists. From the development of complex booking systems to the modernization and creation of large IT infrastructures to teambuilding and executive coaching – thanks to our external network partners and senior advisors, we can always offer our clients the most adequate solution.

Uniqueness & Partnerships

Each customer has his own requirements and needs an individual solution approach. Dr. Fried & Partner always works according to the individual wishes and demands of its customers, because every project is unique. As a matter of course we always meet on the same level and in partnership.

Future & Focus

Another elementary component for Dr.  Fried & Partner’s success, especially in our main areas of business “Service and Sales” as well as “Transportation and Mobility” is to constantly question and expand our knowledge base. This gives us the opportunity to build specialized knowledge especially in the main topics. In addition, Dr. Fried & Partner acts as a think tank for topics regarding the future and regularly gives exciting impulses to a wide professional audience in the form of lectures, studies and publications. We are particularly pleased not only to be able to offer our customers contemporary and market-oriented solutions, but also to actively participate in the tourism, service and distribution industries and to be the driving force behind future development.

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