Oktoberfest – “Hau di hera, samma mehra!”

Oktoberfest – “Hau di hera, samma mehra!”



The Dr. Fried & Partner Team at the Oktoberfest Visit 2018.

This year’s Oktoberfest was the 185th in history and had a staggering 6.3 million visitors. Including the Munich-based consulting firm Dr. Fried & Partner. Instead of the suit all employees  came in traditional bavarian costumes to the workplace to head directly after work together to the festival area.

Since the Oktoberfest is in the heart of Munich in immediate proximity of the Dr. Fried & Partner office building, it is common for us to visit the Oktoberfest together on one evening. The “Armbrustschützen” -tent was first serving us with a bavarian appetizer plate, followed by traditionaly roasted chicken with potato salad. Despite quantity, there are no losses in the quality of the served food in tents, it tasted excellent!

Bavarian Culture

After enjoying one or two beers, it did not take long for us to be like the rest of the tent and dance. Something very special about the Oktoberfest is the fact that after a while everyone in the tent celebrates with each other, even unknown. So the whole team danced, sang and laughed together and with other “Wiesn” visitors (abbreviation for the Oktoberfest, which is held at the “Theresienwiese” in Munich). And this is the explanation for the motto “Hau di hera, samma mehra”: It is a Bavarian saying and means something like “Sit down with us, then we are more”, which is understood as an invitation to join.


What only a few know: Mayor Thomas Wimmer made the first tapping in 1950 in the Schottenhamel-tent (the oldest tent on the Wiesn). He needed 17 hits and holds the negative record … The positive record maintains the Mayor Christian Ude and Dieter Reiter with only 2 hits!

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