Tourism Sales Climate Index October 2018


Tourism Sales Climate Index October 2018


Autumn is slowly catching on in Germany – and with the falling temperatures, the Tourism Sales Climate Index is also falling slightly. Nevertheless, it remains at a high level.

After the tourist sales climate index has reached above-average levels this summer, the curve is slowly approaching the average values of recent years.


Current situation

 Although the current situation is rated slightly worse than in the previous month, still 45% of the surveyed travel agencies are satisfied with the current distribution of travel services. However, as there are often cuts in demand towards the end of the summer, this may not have been a big surprise to many of the travel agents.


Future development

 The mood regarding the future development in the travel agencies is not spoiled by the incoming autumn. Thus, 91% of the travel agencies surveyed continue to be optimistic and expect the demand to increase or remain the same over the next six months. All in all, even some travel agencies expect the demand for travel services to increase more than in the previous month. Only with regard to the future earnings situation, there is a little skepticism.

In the end, the good mood in the travel distribution industry persists even after the end of the summer despite the small impact – and the industry is optimistic about the coming autumn.

In October 2018, a total of 123 travel agencies submitted their valuation (148 random samples in the previous month).

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