Stephan Haller with a keynote on the “Digitalization of Customer Service” at the TurnFriendly Talk 2018

Stephan Haller with a keynote on the “Digitalization of Customer Service” at the TurnFriendly Talk 2018



Digitalization Transforms Customer Service and Encourages Interaction

What are the challenges for customer service? What opportunities do we have by acting proactively and professionally? And what are the requirements for companies? Stephan Haller answered these and other questions at TurnFriendly Talk 2018.

Focus on Sharing Customer Experiences

On October 25, 2018, the software provider TurnFriendly invited its customers and interested parties to a technical exchange in Nuremberg. As part of the event, TurnFriendly presented innovations to its web-based Customer Experience Management System and provided a platform for active exchange of Know-How and customer experiences. The managing partner of Dr. Fried & Partner, Stephan Haller, added a key note to the program, highlighted changes in customer service driven by digitalization and changing customer needs, which touches every business across all industries.

The Clear Message: “Do not be chased – have the initiative embraced!”

In his presentation, Stephan Haller argued that customer service is increasingly becoming a key success factor in the competition for the customer and showed the guests, on the basis of a fictitious scenario and concrete success factors, the way forward into the future of customer service: In order to optimally shape customer interaction in the future, customer service has to be fostered into a central unit in the organization and must display an important pillar in the digital transformation. Therefore, omnichannel management, a central knowledge pool, service and sales orientation in digital channels and the use of contact opportunities along the customer journey are just examples of the necessary requirements that must be met.  At the same time, Stephan Haller conveyed hope and encouraged to try things out.

Moreover, he equipped the guests with valuable advices:

1. Start Small – Pilots instead of Big Bang

2. Learn from mistakes and not give up

3. Stay realistic – do not set your expectations too high

As part of this year’s TurnFriendly Talk, a lively and informal exchange between Dr. Fried & Partner and well-known experts from the tourism, trade, banking and insurance sectors was taking place. This exchange is also continued digitally in our XING Group “Digitalization of Customer Service” – join us!

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