Dr. Fried & Partner donates to FLY & HELP

Dr. Fried & Partner donates to FLY & HELP



“As you grow older, you want to discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” – Audrey Hepburn

Education is the chance out of poverty

The closer Christmas comes, the more you think about things that are really important in life. You want to spend time with your family and be grateful for the good and abundant food, the many gifts, the laughter and the joy during that time. But as carefree as our Christmas celebrates it is unfortunately not for all people in the world. Dr. Fried & Partner is firmly convinced that education is the alpha and omega of “helping people to help themselves” and is the foundation of the path out of poverty. That’s why Dr. Fried & Partner donates this year to the foundation FLY & HELP.

Project in India

FLY & HELP offers a perspective for locals

The foundation was set up in 2009 by Reiner Meutsch, former managing director of the travel company Berge & Meer. Through this profession, Reiner Meutsch traveled a lot in the world and scouted holiday destinations. But many destinations that cause travelers to travel far, offer the locals on the spot hardly a perspective to life. Access to sound education in particular should be a prerequisite for every child in the world. And that’s exactly why FLY & HELP was founded. Since Reiner Meutsch fulfilled his dream of owning a small plane, he flies to developing countries and builds new schools. Almost 200 school projects have already been implemented by the end of 2017, enabling thousands of children from Africa, Latin America or Asia to go to school every day.

Enable people to help themselves

The funded projects are based on the principle of “help for self-help” and are accompanied by a local representative. Not only the construction work is regularly reviewed, but also the sustainable supply of teachers has to be ensured. In addition, the project-related use of the donation funds is always disclosed. Reiner Meutsch guarantees that the money will arrive 1: 1 where it is needed. Reiner Meutsch finances all organizational costs from its own resources. Thank you for your tireless efforts. With our donation we want Fried & Partner contribute to this important project.

In this spirit, we wish all of you a merry Christmas.

Dr. Markus Heller & Stephan Haller

and the entire team of Dr. Fried & Partner

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