Everything new is made by… September!


Everything new is made by… September!


Dr. Fried & Partner is a well-known name for industry experts and has stood for reliability, individual advice and partnership at eye level since its founding in 1968. After more than 50 years in fresh orange, Dr. Fried & Partner now shines in elegant dark blue.

Why dark blue? The color blue is perceived by most people as familiar, blue like the sky and the sea. The colour blue subconsciously triggers a feeling of understanding, security and sovereignty in us. These are precisely the values for which Dr. Fried & Partner takes a stand for more than half a century.

Take a look back with us at the history of Dr. Fried & Partner GmbH and the development of the logo:

Dr. Fried & Partner consists of a young, creative and dynamic team that is always positive about change. So we are all happy about the new corporate identity and start full of motivation and verve into the new chapter of the company.


Your team from Dr. Fried & Partner

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