Future impetus from the Travel Industry Club think tank

For better readability, the generic masculine is used in these articles. The designations of persons used in these articles refer to all genders unless otherwise indicated.


Future impetus from the Travel Industry Club think tank


The Travel Industry Club (TIC) organised the second Think Tank Summit of 2019 on 29 October at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Frankfurt am Main. Dr. Fried & Partner actively supported the event.
The professional and future-oriented exchange in the think tank takes place in the personal framework of a half-yearly summit with a strong network focus. Top-class speakers are invited to speak on the overriding topics of digitalization, mobility and value creation optimization, both from the tourism industry and other sectors. After an impulse keynote, the moderated discussion allows a deeper examination of the contents of the individual presentations.

Mobility solutions of the future

The first thematic block “Mobility” was designed by Noemi Azzaoui (Senior Project Manager Corporate Development SIXT). After a keynote on SIXT’s digitization strategy, in particular on the development of the SIXT App, questions and challenges around new mobility solutions were discussed. The largest integrated mobility provider launched in
October 2017 the SIXT App, which makes all SIXT offers bookable in one app and processes them via a uniform billing system.

So far, the corporate sector has been cautious

Despite the growing number of alternative mobility solutions besides the car, the participants of the subsequent discussion agreed that the number of cars will hardly change in the near future, but the number of private cars will.
On the part of SIXT there are efforts to establish a sharing solution that tries to replace the classic company car. However, experience to date shows that in rural
Space of the own car, as well as the company car is often still indispensable. Also companies are still hesitant in the implementation. In cities, where sharing offers already
The biggest challenge is to make the multitude of mobility offers visible and bookable at a glance. The aim should be to place a mobility app,
which includes all offers. Despite efforts by public transport companies to design and place this one app, no provider has yet succeeded and there are still
no “Best in Class.”

Digitisation 2.0 via central login platforms

In the second thematic block “Digitization”, the functioning of cross-company login platforms and their added value was examined from two perspectives.
Nicolas Brackmann (Industry Expert, former Head of Sales Verimi and Director Key Account Management Lufthansa Miles and More) showed the potential of cross-company
login platforms for the tourism industry and discussed their feasibility against the background of increasing digitalisation and individualisation.

Digital ID for more user convenience

Ufuk Irmak (Project Manager B2B Verimi) deepened this rough overview and gave a comprehensive insight into the Verimi platform. In view of changing customer requirements
in terms of user comfort and at the same time increased awareness of data protection issues, such platforms can create added value for customers and partners alike.
generate. As a “Made in Germany” product, Verimi offers security and trust in data protection issues and at the same time user-friendliness due to the Digital ID solution, where
you can identify yourself online as a user with just one click. In this way, bank accounts can be opened or insurance policies can be taken out without being physically present on site.
have to. Other functions that Verimi offers are logging in with Verimi, digital signature or digital payment.

Examples of possible fields of application

The subsequent discussion with industry representatives of the first management level resulted in suitable fields of application from the aviation sector. By means of the Digital Identity
it is possible to know exactly whether the person indicated on the boarding pass is also the person on the plane. Another conceivable application example is the
Accommodation industry, where the implementation of the digital registration form has been under consideration for years.
The topics developed by the think tank are guidelines for the tourism industry. On their basis, discussions are initiated, events are designed and experts are selected for the future exchange of knowledge and information.
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Gender reference

For better readability, the generic masculine is used in these articles. The designations of persons used in these articles refer to all genders unless otherwise indicated.