22nd BTW Tourism Summit

22nd BTW Tourism Summit



On 4 November 2019 the 22nd BTW Tourism Summit took place at the Hotel Adlon in Berlin.
A central topic this year was the tourism industry’s confrontation with climate change, which was dealt with in a panel discussion with the renowned researcher Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Schellnhuber from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Research, as well as industry representatives (Felix Eichhorn (President AIDA Cruises); Sören Hartmann (CEO DER Touristik); Daniela Lohwasser (Head of Reserach &Technology Airbus)).

The future of the package tour

Another panel discussion dealt with the topic ‘The value of package tours – a business model with a future’. Dr. Markus Heller (Managing Partner of the management consultancy Dr. Fried & Partner); Boris Raoul (CEO Invia Group); Norbert Fiebig (President DRV) and Thomas Bösl (GF rtk/Speaker QTA) discussed the future value of the package tour.

Trust must be restored

The bankruptcy of the second largest tour operator in Germany has unsettled many people, especially as it has become clear that insurance cover has failed in full. This trust in the tour operator Reise must be restored, because, as all panelists agreed, a large number of people still like to go on holiday in an organised way and the package tour has a future.

How can the margin be optimised?

In response to the question of how to achieve an adequate margin, various approaches were discussed, including vertical integration, increased industrialization of production in the sense of mass customization, and the consistent individualization of the package tour.
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