The Tourism Sales Climate Index – January 2021


New year, new optimism - already towards the end of 2020, the Tourism Sales Climate Index recorded a slight upward trend. This trend is now continuing at the beginning of 2021. After last year caused immense damage, especially in the travel sector... weiterlesen


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The year 2020 is coming to an end, leaving deep traces but also a rich experience in all our lives. No one expected a pandemic that would bring the whole world to a complete standstill. Measures led to restrictions and isolation but also to... weiterlesen


Scenaroios 2025 – An outlook into the future of the travel industry


The Corona pandemic has posed major challenges for the tourism industry worldwide. Now the question is: What will happen in the medium term? What does the future of the travel industry look like? Together with members of the Travel Industry Club... weiterlesen


Alternative courses of action – the recovery planning of German tour operators in the wake of the Corona pandemic – Part II


From the article "opportunities and learning experiences from the Crisis - Part I" - a schematic cycle model could be derived, which is intended to show German tour operators structured action alternatives for the Corona pandemic or also for other... weiterlesen


Digitization of Customer Service in the Travel & Mobility Industry?


What is the current state of the travel & mobility industry in terms of customer service digitization? How did the digitization of customer service develop in the past five years? What are future plans of the companies regarding digitization... weiterlesen


The Tourism Sales Climate Index – November 2020


While "lockdown light" and numerous risk areas are depressing the mood in travel sales in November 2020, the progress in the development of a vaccine, the persistent German desire to travel as well as the testing of new test concepts are raising... weiterlesen


Vitalization, opportunities and learning experiences – this is the recovery planning of German group tour operators in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic – Part I


What does vitalization in consequence of the coronavirus pandemic look like for German group tour operators? With the beginning of the summer holidays and due to some travel relaxation, the business of German group tour operators was able to resume... weiterlesen


The Tourism Sales Climate Index in July 2020


Although the summer holidays started in almost all federal states in July and the Germans' desire to travel is slowly returning, the Tourism Sales Climate Index is still far below the previous year's level. Nevertheless, a slight upward trend can... weiterlesen


Quo vadis travel distribution – fvw online discussion


On behalf of QTA, Dr. Fried & Partner conducted an online survey on the topic of reorientation of travel sales with almost 6,000 QTA travel agencies. To present the partial results for the first time, fvw invited QTA's management team, including... weiterlesen


The Tourism Sales Climate Index in June 2020


Despite further easing of the corona measures throughout Germany and the lifting of travel warnings and border closures for European countries, which have been foreseeable for some time, the mood in travel sales remains clouded. Although the Tourism... weiterlesen


The Tourism Sales Climate Index in May 2020


Despite initial easing of the corona measures, the current mood in travel distribution remains highly negative. As in the last two months, the Sales Climate Index is still at an all-time low. Dr. Fried & Partner has been recording the mood at... weiterlesen


QTA Initiative – The big online discussion about commissions


During the major online discussion on commissions on May 14, 2020, Dr. Markus Heller, Managing Partner of Dr. Fried & Partner, had the opportunity to discuss the model of collective agreements for stationary travel agency sales proposed by QTA... weiterlesen


Vouchers as a second currency – Dr. Markus Heller in an interview with fvw


The situation of tourism is disastrous, especially that of travel agencies. They have sold and are now rebooking or processing cancellations - and largely without commission. But management consultant Dr. Markus Heller, managing partner of Dr. Fried... weiterlesen


The Tourism Sales Climate Index in February 2020


Since 2005, Dr. Fried & Partner has been collecting the monthly tourism sales climate index for you, which serves as an early indicator for the future development of sales of travel services. After the travel agencies had already started the... weiterlesen


Then discounts make sense for companies – series on discounts part 3


While the first two episodes on discounts focused on the reasons for asking for discounts and avoiding them, this part is about discounts that help to increase profits. Dr. Markus Heller, managing partner of Dr. Fried & Partner, a consultancy... weiterlesen


Everything new is made by… September!


Dr. Fried & Partner is a well-known name for industry experts and has stood for reliability, individual advice and partnership at eye level since its founding in 1968. After more than 50 years in fresh orange, Dr. Fried & Partner now shines... weiterlesen


Tourism Sales Climate Index September 2019


Even though travel agencies continue to perceive the 2019 booking year as weaker than the previous year, the slight upward trend in sentiment is continuing. Positive trends continue to emerge for September. On the one hand, the current booking... weiterlesen


Tourism Sales Climate Index August 2019


After cautious optimism among travel agencies last month, the tourism sales climate index of Dr. Fried & Partner also shows a positive trend in August. Both in their assessment of the current situation and with regard to expectations in terms of... weiterlesen


Tourism Sales Climate Index – July 2019


Finally! – This has probably been the thought of more than one travel agent in July. In the travel agencies, cautious optimism is shown with regard to the current booking situation. However, the expectations towards the coming months remain... weiterlesen


Structural Changes in the German Travel Market – Part 5: Data


Against the background of the advanced interaction with data of the Big Five (Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple), there is an urgent need for action in the travel industry as well as other industries. Thesis: In the future, data will... weiterlesen


Tourism Sales Climate Index – June 2019


The entire industry is hoping for a last-minute year. So far, 2019 has not been able to keep up with the very positive estimates from the previous year, but at least with regard to the current situation, some travel agencies appear to become more... weiterlesen


The Tourism Sales Climate Index – May 2019


The mood among travel agencies remains depressed in May 2019 as well - the tourism sales climate index of Dr. Fried & Partner continues to fall this month. Cautious optimism can only be seen in the assessment of the future earnings situation in... weiterlesen