Dr. Fried & Partner donates to the Reiner Meutsch Foundation FLY & HELP


The year 2020 is coming to an end, leaving deep traces but also a rich experience in all our lives. No one expected a pandemic that would bring the whole world to a complete standstill. Measures led to restrictions and isolation but also to... weiterlesen


Dr. Fried & Partner goes Scrum


In order to create maximum added value to projects and to act in different roles in the best possible way, the majority of consultants at Dr. Fried & Partner have been certified as Scrum Masters (PSM) and Product Owners (PSPO) since 2019. In... weiterlesen


Management Consulting Dr. Fried & Partner at the Munich Marathon 2019


"He who has stamina is almost there." - Ernst R. Hauschka Not only excellent in consulting The team of management consulting Dr. Fried und Partner started this year with two relays at the Generali Munich Marathon on October 13. For the first... weiterlesen


Everything new is made by… September!


Dr. Fried & Partner is a well-known name for industry experts and has stood for reliability, individual advice and partnership at eye level since its founding in 1968. After more than 50 years in fresh orange, Dr. Fried & Partner now shines... weiterlesen


The Dr. Fried & Partner Team visits the Musical Amélie


Since February 2019 Amélie Poulin enchants Munich in form of a musical and takes the audience into their imaginative, bizarre and fabulous world. The team of Dr. med. Fried & Partner attended a performance at Werk 7 located in the trendy and... weiterlesen


Annual Kick-Off Event: Strategy Days in Garmisch – Patenkirchen


In the beginning of February, the team of Dr. Fried & Partner stayed at the Bayernhaus in Garmisch-Partenkirchen for strategy days as a kickoff event for the year. In beautiful winter weather the future orientation and common goals were... weiterlesen


Dr. Fried & Partner donates to FLY & HELP


"As you grow older, you want to discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others." - Audrey Hepburn Education is the chance out of poverty The closer Christmas comes, the more you think about things that... weiterlesen


Dr. Fried & Partner at the Munich Marathon


"Whoever wants to move the world should first move himself" - Socrates   With this motto, the team of the Munich based consultancy Dr. Fried & Partner started at the 33rd Munich Marathon as a relay. In contrast to 10 ° C and... weiterlesen


Oktoberfest – “Hau di hera, samma mehra!”


The Dr. Fried & Partner Team at the Oktoberfest Visit 2018. This year's Oktoberfest was the 185th in history and had a staggering 6.3 million visitors. Including the Munich-based consulting firm Dr. Fried & Partner. Instead of the suit all... weiterlesen


Dr. Fried & Partner celebrates 50th anniversary!


We have celebrated our 50th company anniversary on September 29, 2018 and we invited people who acompanied Dr. Fried & Partner over the past five decades. Relaxed and cozy, or how you would say in Bavaria: "Boarisch gmiatlich" it started with... weiterlesen


Suck me Shakespeer – The Musical


Between schoolyard, sports hall and classroom On 12th of April, the Dr. Fried & Partner team visted the musical "Fack ju Göhte" which will be translated as "Suck me Shakespeer". The musical plays with a lot of industrial charm in the “Werk... weiterlesen