Dr. Fried & Partner with a central role at the 19th European Tourism Forum


19th European Tourism Forum: “Future prospects for the tourism sector – ways to recover from the Corona crisis and to develop a robust tourism industry” Dr. Markus Heller moderated the four-hour virtual event with top-class panellists... weiterlesen


Quo vadis travel distribution – fvw online discussion


On behalf of QTA, Dr. Fried & Partner conducted an online survey on the topic of reorientation of travel sales with almost 6,000 QTA travel agencies. To present the partial results for the first time, fvw invited QTA's management team, including... weiterlesen


Dr. Markus Heller as Speaker at the TSS Annual Conference in Berlin


At the invitation of André Seibt, Managing Director of the TSS Group in Dresden, Dr. Markus Heller, Managing Partner of Dr. Fried & Partner, gave a lecture on "Changes in Travel Sales - Actively Seizing Opportunities" at the Annual Conference... weiterlesen


Dr. Markus Heller at the ITB Young Professionals Day


At the invitation of Tobias Klöpf, Lead of the Young Travel Industry Club, Dr. Markus Heller, Managing Partner of Dr. Fried & Partner, gave a presentation at the ITB Young Professionals Day on the trends and major topics of the travel industry... weiterlesen


Stephan Haller with a keynote on the “Digitalization of Customer Service” at the TurnFriendly Talk 2018


Digitalization Transforms Customer Service and Encourages Interaction What are the challenges for customer service? What opportunities do we have by acting proactively and professionally? And what are the requirements for companies? Stephan Haller... weiterlesen


Who Wins? Who Loses? In-depth Analysis of the Structural Change in the German Travel Market


Far-reaching structural changes will pose major challenges for the German travel market throughout the upcoming years. The whitepaper “Who Wins? Who Loses? In-depth Analysis of the Structural Changes in the German Travel Market." ,is the sound... weiterlesen


Dr. Fried & Partner at the TIC Networking Event “Higher, faster, further, smarter. All good Things come in… Data! “


Following the invitation of Selligent, on June 11, 2018, around 50 executives and tourism decision-makers met at the Munich cooking school by star chef Andi Schweiger. The networking event hosted by the Travel Industry Club (TIC) discussed the... weiterlesen


Digital change and how we deal with it


On 26 January 2017, our managing partner Stephan Haller held a keynote speech about “Digital change and how we deal with it” at the Globus Night 2017. In doing so, Stephan Haller called on travel agencies and tour operators to recognise the... weiterlesen


Market and future development of airline distribution

In the context of the Lufthansa Travel Tech Provider Day on 25 January 2017, Dr. Markus Heller spoke about the key drivers of airline distribution (link to the current market study by Dr. Fried & Partner "Airline Distribution 2022"), highlighting... weiterlesen