Tourism Sales Climate Index November 2018


Tourism Sales Climate Index November 2018


The tourism sales climate index also remains above the previous year’s level in November.
The reason for this is mainly the positive assessment of the current situation in the distribution of travel services in travel agencies.
With regard to the expectations for the coming months, the travel agencies are rather subdued – especially with regard to the future earnings situation.

Current situation

Despite a slight downturn in the assessment of the situation in October, according to the ta.ts travel agency mirror inter alia. In the previous month, travel agencies maintained the positive mood and were optimistic about future developments. Apparently, this has proven itself – the current booking situation in November is rated by the participating offices again positive. For example, 52% of participating travel agencies consider their current situation in travel distribution as good. After all, that means an increase of 6.5% compared to the previous month. As a result, only 6.3% rather than 9.8% of travel agencies rate the current situation as bad. Overall, the assessment of the current situation is thus experiencing a slight upward trend.

Future development

With regard to the expectations for the next 6 months, the participating offices are rather subdued. Despite a slight decline, 57.9% of travel agents continue to expect a steady demand in the next 6 months. 31% and thus 2.3% more than in the previous month even believe that demand will increase. On the other hand, at 11.1%, however, 2.3% more travel agents also say they expect a falling demand over the next six months. A similar picture emerges with regard to the earnings situation – a clear majority of respondents still do not expect their earnings situation to change significantly in the next six months. However, less than 20% of the participating offices also expect an improvement or worsening of the future earnings situation. In the previous month, 26% of travel agencies had expected an improvement in the earnings situation. Overall, expectations for the coming months are thus slightly more negative than in the previous month. In November, 127 travel agents (123 random samples in the previous months) gave their ratings.

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