Think Tank Sees Chances In Service Fees


Think Tank Sees Chances In Service Fees


The value of services and consulting is increasingly valued by consumers, according to the analysis of a “think tank” by the Travel Industry Club, which is supported by the management consultancy Dr. Fried & Partner. In addition, new compensation models need to be discussed.

First digital think tank

At the TIC’s first digital “think tank“, participants gathered in front of the screens to discuss the changes in market structures, primarily on the tourism provider side, accompanied by management consultants from Dr. Fried & Partner.

Although many travel agencies are currently mainly concerned with their current situation, it is worth looking beyond the horizon, was the unanimous opinion of the industry experts from all sectors of tourism. It is important for sales to “use the historic opportunity to initiate fundamental changes”, summarizes consultant Heller.

Good chances for a servicefee

For example, the issue of service and consultancy fees should be promoted more vigorously, especially as travel agencies could have drawn public attention to their situation and the background to it in recent weeks: The value of the service and advice provided by travel agencies is being better and better understood by customers; this could increase their willingness to pay for it. In addition, the sales department must improve its product range and offer structures in order to be able to earn more in growing markets, such as holiday homes.

With regard to the core business of package tours, it was unclear whether the Corona crisis had left customers with an image of the security of a package tour, for example through successful return trips, or whether the image of the package tour was more characterised by “forced vouchers” and a lack of availability of the organisers. Here, the sales department must communicate more actively that the package tour provides a great deal of added value and is the right product even for experienced holidaymakers, the discussion participants believe.

Too many people ivolved?

But the experts believe that not only the sales department has to do its “homework”. From the provider’s point of view, it must be questioned whether too many value-added stages are involved in the entire tourism value chain, making the entire system too complex and expensive. In this way, the tourism industry would destroy previous cost advantages. There was widespread unanimity that especially in the price-sensitive segments, too many players sometimes want to earn money. The only question is which could be the superfluous one?

This article can also be found in the trade journal Reisevor9.

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