Management Consulting Dr. Fried & Partner at the Munich Marathon 2019


Management Consulting Dr. Fried & Partner at the Munich Marathon 2019


“He who has stamina is almost there.”

– Ernst R. Hauschka

Not only excellent in consulting

The team of management consulting Dr. Fried und Partner started this year with two relays at the Generali Munich Marathon on October 13.

For the first time we were able to send a ladies’ and a men’s relay team into the race.

With late summer temperatures of approx. 20 degrees Celsius and wonderful sunshine, Madeleine Bullinger and Oliver Jüngert each started their 11.2 km run at Coubertin Platz in the Olympic Park. Passing the Siegestor, they handed over to Rebekka Möller and Andreas Kailbach, who each covered 10.0 km through the English Garden. Thirdly, Michelle Katt and Christoph Ach took over the baton for 5.7 km and ultimately handed it over to Lisa Schmidtke and Stephan Haller for their impressive 15.3 km trip through the city centre and back to the Olympic Park.

The two relay teams ran the last kilometer as a group through the finish line to finish the marathon with a shared lap through the Olympic Stadium. Both teams finished the marathon happy and satisfied with an excellent time – the ladies in 4:03 hours, the men even in 3:47 hours.

For well-deserved refreshment we went to an Italian restaurant after lunch, where the exhausting, but memorable team event could be finished in peace.

The reasons why Dr. Fried und Partner took part in the Munich Marathon again this year:

The Munich Marathon connects and strengthens our team.

As a team we can overcome distances that we might not even have considered as individuals.

We know that we can rely on each other – even if we had short-term difficulties finding each other at the transition point – and motivate each other to give our best.

We have fun together and are happy about the shared success as we cross the finish line as a relay team, beaming with joy.


We are already looking forward to the marathon next year!

Your Dr. Fried & Partner Team

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