Dr. Fried & Partner goes Scrum


Dr. Fried & Partner goes Scrum


In order to create maximum added value to projects and to act in different roles in the best possible way, the majority of consultants at Dr. Fried & Partner have been certified as Scrum Masters (PSM) and Product Owners (PSPO) since 2019. In addition to numerous other project management methods, we have already managed several agile projects based on the Scrum method. The integration of Jira and Confluence offers us the possibility of individual adaptation to the workflow of the different teams and thus significantly increases productivity. The implementation project of a new end-to-end booking system for one of the world’s largest incoming agencies is our best practice example.

Agile project management – a widespread term these days and everybody talks about it, whether it is Scrum, Kanban or Design Thinking methods.

The origin of the process framework for solving complex problems lies in agile software development, but due to its success, the principle has since found strong resonance far beyond the IT sector.

What does an agile approach according to Scrum look like?

Scrum links defined values and principles with assigned roles, artefacts, rituals and processes. Scrum’s approach is based on the fundamental idea that the project team works in a self-organising way. A Scrum team of consultants and customer employees consists of a Scrum Master, a Product Owner and a Development Team. The method is based on the so-called “three pillars” (transparency, inspection, adaptation). A project progress that is always transparent for all project participants by a clear definition of a sprint goal, planned and continuous coordination as well as the permanent measurement of the project status are elementary for our joint project success. Sprint, Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective represent the five planned events in the world of Scrum.

What added value does Scrum bring to a project?

By using the Scrum framework to manage agile projects we can solve complex projects. Short-term and unpredictable changes are no problem, as the method is characterized by high flexibility. Therefore, issues can be solved in a professional and timely The principle of self-organisation of the Scrum team significantly increases the effectiveness and emphasises the values of openness, respect and trust. This enables the consultants at Dr. Fried und Partner to have short and efficient communication channels and to ensure a continuous improvement process. This is also supported by the clearly defined roles of the Scrum Team consisting of Scrum Master, Product Owner and Development Team.

If you would like to manage a project successfully in an agile manner and benefit from our many years of experience, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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